Reduce Cross-Contamination in Your Compounding Room


CIAL cleaning validation

USP 800 is written to improve compounders' safety and reduce exposure to hazardous drugs (HD). Other states, such as California, have expanded the regulation to focus on patient safety. Both of these objectives can be obtained with improved processes that reduce cross-contamination. Cross-contamination can occur in numerous ways, including but not limited to, mislabeled containers, unclean personal protective equipment (PPE), or using cleaning chemicals that do not properly deactivate chemicals, or remove residue. 

BIOSRX has developed a cleaning protocol that has been shown to leave 0% residue on Pebble Beach Compounding Molds. Pebble Beach Compounding Molds can be used for a wide spectrum of medications, which offers a higher chance of cross-contamination, similar to capsule trays. Tested for residual API by Compounder's International Analytical Laboratory, we trust that you can experience similar results when using our cleaning protocol with Pebble Beach Compounding Molds. 

For mini-Suppositories and Troches You Can Now:

  • Greatly reduce required compounding time
  • Save on material cost
  • Reduce cross-contamination